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10-21-01, 07:10 PM

well, i formatted and reinstalled windows 2000 and i still get this computer lag like twice a day. i'm using a Win2000 Promise Ultra100 IDE Controller. when my HDs "crashed" a few weeks ago, i switched my 2 HD IDE cables around. could that be the problem? this has NEVER EVER happend before my HD problem. could maybe the controller card be the problem?

any help would be great.

for my original post when the lag started go here: http://forums.speedguide.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=50491&highlight=tremendous

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10-22-01, 06:29 AM
Not clear on what your problem is. You say your hard drives crashed....OK, this happens....but how did they crash? Was it a hareware failure where you replaced your drives? Or was it just corrupted files where NT was unbootable?

You mention RAID....really doesn't work well unless you have the EXACT same drives paired up...meaning same size/brand/ AND model.

And what do you mean "Win2K lags"? Talking about pings while online? Or just the usual windows 2000 pause every now and then when you try to do something.

10-22-01, 05:36 PM
well technically my HDs didnt crash. i was installing freebsd and i accidentally wrote over my HDs cuz i'm an idiot.

and well when i say lag..it literally feels like its lag from online. if anyone has played half-life online and got really bad lag..its exactly like that. at first it feels like pcanywhere where someone is remotely using your mouse, for anyone who has used it. but then after awhile u realize it's your mouse. it takes up to 30 secs before the ctrl,alt,del window comes up. it does not go away until i restart. one night it happend and i left it at that to see if it went away in the morning, i woke up and it was still there. and no, it's not your normal pause in win2k, it was running perfectly before that freebsd BS.

10-23-01, 09:08 PM
Sounds sort of like you are overloading your system resources. Or maybe incorect hardware drivers for win2000.
Do you have alot of stuff running when it happens or maybe something that might be very intensive on the system like a game with the textures view set to high and running a tight screen at the same time.
I also had a simular problem with a high output vid card and an older monitor and the monitor couldnt keep up with the graphics.

Just a few ideas.

10-23-01, 09:23 PM
I looked at your last post in the other thread. I don't see where you listed your system specs like Brent asked you to. If your mobo has chipset drivers, did you install them?

10-23-01, 09:37 PM
i have 448mb of ram. and yes when it happens i usually have like 7 windows minimized but most are just text files or folders and usually photoshop might be open as well as napster (which i only use as an mp3 player because it's easier than winamp and just stays in the sys tray), but as i've been saying, i used to do the same thing with MORE things open and it was fine. today, it happend twice again. i restarted then when i got back on i was doing soem stuff and about an hour, two hours later happend again. this time i went to see how much memory was being used and how much of my cpu power was being used. of course it was taking forever because of the lag, well anyway, when i finally got in, it was very low memory, using about 110mb and my cpu process was at 0-1% the whole time.

i've also noticed that if i have a prog where i have to type something like notepad or word, and it happens, i can move the type cursor(not sure of the name) that you see in things like that 100% normally but when i go outside, my normal cursor is laggy then i go back into the window and again it moves perfectly. after it took me forever to look at my comps performance, i sat back and watched tv for 30 mins before i restarted just to check and see if maybe it'd go away, but again, just stayed and finally restarted.

i also ended all the progs that were using up ram at the time, but that did nothing.
as far as my monitor goes, i bought my monitor about 8 months ago, brand new then.

i would think i have all the right hardware drivers, i used all the same ones i sued to have because i'm suing all the disks that came with everything. but i have noticed one thing, when my comp starts up and tried to detect teh HDs through the controller card, it says 'Not Detected' for both of them, but obviously reads them since i'm able to get on win2k.

god, i've done everything, formatted, reinstalled 2k, ran scan disk and disk defrag. only thing i HAVENT tried was switch the IDE cables in the controller card to what they used to be only because they read differently and i have to like reinstall win2k AGAIN and it's a pain.

ok, i don't believe my mobo has chipset drivers since i didnt have to install any the first time i got it which was last christmas and it has worked fine until now.


733mhz P3
Soyo SY-6VBA 133
448 ram all pc133
Ultra ATA/100 Controller Card for PCI
Not sure of the ata of my two HDs, I will check next time i have time.

if you guys need anything else that may be needed to help me out, just ask, it is getting me mad big time that this problem isn't going away.

if there was anything misspelled, or sounded odd, i apologize, i was in a rush and didnt have time to reread all of this.

10-23-01, 10:24 PM
Looking at your last post it does seem like you have a resource problem. First off a little info on both photoshop and napster, both are memory and resource hogs as well as newsreader software and some of the higher end word processor programs like MS word

As for end tasking programs and it doesn't clear anything up try endtasking everything and then checking free memory to see what happens. It might be windows is not releaseing the memory allocated to that particular program right away.

Let us know what happens

10-23-01, 10:32 PM
next time it happens i will end task everything and let you know if it cleared up and how much much free memory i have left.

10-24-01, 09:01 PM
ok, well it just happend and well i TRIED ending all the processes but there were 24 of em and it was taking FOREVER. At the time it happend, i have photoshop, illustrator, 2 IE windows open, a folder open, aim on and napster open. I had a bunch of other apps running in the background. it also said that photoshop was using 98 MB of memory. I cancelled that, illustrator, napster and aim and i believe it said that 85mb was being used. I couldnt get the other programs, it was taking forever :/

i'm going to try and upgrade my controller cards BIOS and switch IDE cables and reinstall win2000, seeing if that works. not going to do that now but maybe tomorrow or on the weekend when i have time. hopefully someone will know maybe how i can fix this.

10-24-01, 09:36 PM
Accually by what you said you had running there isn't anything wrong with the controller cards. It is as simple as saying that your system is set for multitasking but you took it well beyond what it was designed for.
I would say to just shut anything your not useing at the time and be careful of what you multi task with. Most of those programs you described use enormous amounts of systems resources and you can't continue to run it in that condition.
All that is happening is that you are running out of resources and that is the cause of the lag and auto reboot you had. There is only one way to solve the problem and that is to stop running so many programs at the same time.

It may not have happened before you swtched the cableing but then it may have been that you weren't running a particular peice of software at that time.

10-24-01, 09:50 PM
first, i just want to mention, i didnt have any auto reboots and secondly, i ran ALL the same exact programs i'm running now. i don't understand why now it can't handle them when it handled them pefectly fine before. i've run more programs than i do now, i've even ran photoshop AND a 3d modeling program at the same time, the only thing that slowed was inside the 3d prog. this is BS, i know theres something else wrong, i know you tried to help and i thank you for that but honestly, i doubt its that i am running too many programs because i am doing everything i used to do. i'll try and figure something out.

anyone else that might know whats wrong help me out.

10-24-01, 09:54 PM
I had a proublem a while back about the same as you. Here it was my controller cards drivers, They had not installed right. So I just remove them from thr device manger and left the computer repick up the card and then reinstalled the drivers . Now I have no proublems. Also another proublem wich will cause your proublem is a software program conflicting with one of the other ones. As far as memory It seems you have plenty of that. GoodLuck! I hope this helps out a little.;)

10-24-01, 09:59 PM
thanks man. im glad someone else who has had a controller card and has had the same problem was able to fix it, looks like theres hope for me after all. :D ill try that driver reinstallation and then if it persists check for some software conflicts.