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10-20-01, 04:59 PM
I just bought a new web cam and for some reason it won't install the driver. When the wizard shows up, as soon as I install it in the USB port, I choose search for a sutable driver and select my cdrom drive with the disk that came with it. Then it says windows was not able to find a suitable driver...blah blah...

I downloaded the driver from creative and tried the wizard again, this time browsed to the driver folder and the same messege showed up.

I use Win 98 se.

I haven't downloaded any Windows updates though.
Can anyone help me on this one?

10-20-01, 05:07 PM
what webcam?

10-20-01, 08:47 PM

10-21-01, 12:20 AM
Install all drivers and software before you plug in your webcam

10-21-01, 01:18 AM
Originally posted by fartface
Install all drivers and software before you plug in your webcam

How do I install drivers for something if it's not plugged in?

10-21-01, 01:27 AM
Originally posted by NuclearHeadache

How do I install drivers for something if it's not plugged in?

just click the setup file or whatever

10-21-01, 09:38 AM
hahahahaaa ..

Yea thats the funny part of the USB devices .
You install the software always wen the hardware is not there :rotfl:

10-21-01, 11:49 AM
When I insert the cd it only installs the software and not the drivers

10-21-01, 05:06 PM
The software install and the drivers too .

In Web cameras the driver is not one stand alone aplication .

For instance , you can use the camera to take a snap shot , by the photoshop or the Corel or many other similar programs .

I have instal the Creative web cam to one system with win98 .

I instaled the software , i reboot the system , and then i pluget the camera in the USB slot , after the reboot , and wen windows had finish loading the OS .

Creatives Web cam haves also one utility , that makes a system check for the camera and the good operation of it .

Do the instalation right and you will not have any problems .

I know that you are pist some how , but try to relax and do it right .

There is not any other magic solutions .
Its just a USB web cam , and all of them they work by the same way .

10-21-01, 05:18 PM
i tryed to install a free e-z tronics web cam,usb and the damn thing kept telling me the thing was not installed but i must have installed 10 times.

returned that POS :mad:

still need to get one though.

10-21-01, 05:32 PM
As far i know the only cameras that they are mostly problems free, and with drivers for win2k is :

3Com home connect .... The best drivers for win2k
INTEL ...... with some beta drivers for win2k that at list they work .

The Creative is also a good solution for the win98
And the Philips ones have good support too , in win98 .

There is many litle cameras out there , but from all the cheapo ones the software and the drivers is out dated .
And also this solutions do not have any good software bangle with them .