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10-19-01, 05:15 PM
What does the Moniter effects other than the size of the viewing screen? Speed of display? Colour? Anything else?

10-19-01, 10:49 PM
a monitor will not add any performance to a system. with a larger screen you can feasably increase the resolution, which will decrease video performance as you are requiring the vidcard to handle more pixels. on the other hand, a bigger screen also means easier viewing (easier on the eyes) of detail. bigger is pretty much always better.

thats about it, though.

10-21-01, 06:11 PM
Yup Bigger is all ways better

Nitrogen Ace
10-21-01, 06:34 PM
What about refresh rates??? they are very important I have ****ty old monitor @ 60hz refresh rate this means my fps is very low when V-Sync is on. What refresh rate would you say is best on average for 100+ framerates????????

P3 700mhz
576 PC-133 SDRAM
Geforce 2 Ultra 64mb DDR
Gigabyte 6VM7-4E mobo
etc etc.

^upgrading as soon as Nvidia Nforce mobos availible.


10-21-01, 06:55 PM
the noticable difference between 60 and 100 FPS is almost negligable without a framerate counter. if you are a performance nut and the numbers mean more than the actual appearance, then i suppose an expensive monitor would be of more importance.

as i said a monitor does not add any performance to a system. the only gains will be in visual quality. with the right (or wrong, depending on the circumstances) settings, it can decrease performance.

10-21-01, 07:13 PM
Originally posted by ExtraCrispy M&Ms
What does the Moniter effects other than the size of the viewing screen? Speed of display? Colour? Anything else?

The awnser to your question its not that generic or simple .

We have some technologies that the industry uses , so the products haves ,and the specifications of the technology that they use , and the price tag .

For instance with out a SONY tube , we can not have one real TRINITRON solution .
Or one monitor that uses the eletronic parts of Sony , it will not be totaly perfect with out the Sonys tube .

In the monitors market there is only 3 basic categories of monitors .
Cheapo ones -- not known brands .......... Service and support is not there .
Medium ones -- most of them are well known brands , but with lower specs and visual quality from the top models .
Cash killers --- In this category we speak that we pay some cash more , but we are demanding the highest quality , and the warranty ,and the service is at the top scale .

The size its also something very inportant !!!
The monitor manufactors , they use the best technology that they have mostly at 19" or biggers .

That explanes the price diference of 17" with 19" .

Sony was the first monitors manufactor , with the EIZO too , that they had make super high quality products in small size , like 15 " .
But because all the others was making cheapo ones and the prices was very diferent , SONY change theyr policy , and the last 4 years they have lower down the quality alot in they 15" and 17" models , just to come back to the prices game ,with all the others .

As the americans say , i ven for the monitors .... money talks ... :)

Because i have some extra knowlege on all this stuff , if you give me your full consideration , i probably help you to make your mind .

10-21-01, 09:31 PM
By syncmaster

The size its also something very inportant !!!

Have the women in Greece been saying that a lot?:eek:

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