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el bob
10-17-01, 10:13 PM
After being successful with the 3rd Abit KT7A motherboard I was shipped, I'd finally gotten everything working. However when I went to take the new vid card out of my old machine (temporary use until new rig was ready for it) and put it in the new one, I got the infamous 3 beeps.

Beeeeeeep beep beep.

Video error.

I've just read a couple of threads over at the hardforum and it seems that I'm not the only one who has had this problem before. I tried all the fixes but none work. The KT7A has plenty of AGP bugs. :(

I'm going to put my old video card (Diamond Viper V770 - NVIDIA TNT2 w/ 32mb VRAM) in the new rig and put my new vid card back into my cold rig. The old card (also agp) works fine in the new rig.

This really really stinks. Maybe I'll sell the Diamond Viper V770 and get another new card for the new rig. It makes my head hurt just to even think of that kind of a hit to the wallet.

10-17-01, 11:05 PM
You sure itz not just the card being loose? Most of the time when that happens to me itz just the card beeing too loose. Also try resetting your CMOS 'n stuff

el bob
10-18-01, 03:13 PM
Hey tigeruppercut. Nope the card is not loose. I've reset the cmos numerous time both via the batter removal+cord unplug and the cmos jumper switch. Both cards do work (both work in the dell and the originall dell one works in the new rig). I've tried upping the I/O voltage, core voltage, VGA settings, AGP settings, the works.

However, if any one of you have any ideas, even ones that you think I might have tried, please post them.


10-18-01, 06:21 PM
try getting a dust blower and using it on the actually AGP slot itself. Other then that, check the videocard to see if it's got any scratches or what not, on the interface area.

As for problems, I haven't experience any problems with using the AGP port on my KT7A, but I've been using only three video cards,

1.) The ATI 3D Charger ( I know laptops vid cards that have more GPU power and ram.)

2.)Jaton's 32mb SD-ram TnT2/m64 card.

3.)The ATi Radeon 64mb DDR.

10-18-01, 08:10 PM
damn, your having horrible luck with this huh :(

el bob
10-18-01, 10:04 PM
Terrance, thanks for the tips. I'll try them out in the morning. I havn't slept in a long long long time.

Brent, you have no idea how close I was to PM'ing you, pleading for mercy and a good deal on one of the cheap Gf2's you have.

I thought for sure that the card was dead. I just did the explaining to my mom a couple hours ago and she wasn't as bad as she would of been if the new card hadn't worked at all.

I finally got it working in my old one and figured I couldn't much better for the time being.

I'm writing this on the new rig right now with the old video card. I'm idling at 47C and when I ran CPUburn at high it got up to 56 and it might of inched higher if I'd left it on longer. Not bad temps for the low performance cooler I have on there.

Anyway. Sometime Sunday I'll take another shot at using the new vid card in this system.


Oooh, and a little recently gained experience has shown me the value of one of those $5 on ebay 2mb PCI video cards. I have one that I bought to add as a second card to and old server and I used it while troubleshooting my system. It was invaluable to have in there to test this system with (the system booted fine with the 2mb card) that card and too have my other system doing its own thing with its own setup so that I could read web pages with the troubleshooting info I was following.

The 4 or 5 dollars I spent on that card as a throw in to an ebay auction was well spent.

I'll get back to the thread later.