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10-17-01, 02:22 PM
ok, i waz reading the Q and A section of this months PC gamer, when i came across this question...

"My system runs on an ASUS p2b-s mobo with a pII 450MHz w/ 256 RAM. I have a creative Labs Annihilator GeForce linked to a Diamond Monster 3D.............."

WTF is that?? how can you link 2 video cards to gether and is there any performence dif?

i consider myself smart when it comes to computers...and ive never heard of this...this threw me back in my chair....grrrrrrrrr

10-17-01, 02:34 PM
those are two voodoo2 video cards. you could "SLI" --- scan line interleave.... them by hooking them together w/ a small ribbon cable from 3dfx... worked best on identical cards but u could use hacked drives to work it on 2 different ones.. made them max at res of 1024x768@16bpp. was nice. i still have one laying around someplace. oh yea they were 3d only..great in their day..


10-17-01, 02:38 PM
o ok...nm...i have seen those...but "creative Labs Annihilator GeForce linked " thats a voodoo chip???hummm.......wouldnt think so...waz there any performance increase in linkin em???

10-17-01, 03:05 PM
The Monster 3d II was a 3D card that was connected via a pass through cable to your 2D card.

The Monster would only activate when displaying 3d graphics.

BUT.....can't see why anyone would use that card with a GeForce card. The Monster was top of the line 3-4 years ago.

BTW- The monster could be connected with another monster card to increase performance. (Forget what they called that set up, they had a name for it)

So in that instance you had 3 video cards in one PC.

10-17-01, 05:45 PM
///Opens his desk drawer...peers at the original Diamond Monster xl3400 Voodoo1 card...whopping 300 something dollars paid for it the week it came out. 4 whole megs of RAM. WOOWOO....remembers going from Quake 1 to GL Quake...

Also looks at his pair of Diamond Monster II Voodoo2 cards..each with 12 megs....that were paired together with the SLI cable///

Yeah, the original would act as a secondary video card to your primary card. Primary card had a short VGA cable from it's output, to the input of the Voodoo card. The voodoo card also had an output for your monitor. The voodoo just acted as a pass through for normal video...but any games using DX of Glide...the card would turn on and take over. This was back in the days when 3D cards were just coming out...and many people had some PCI graphics cards like a Diamond Stealth 2400 or something with the unmighty S3 Virge chip...which sucked at 3D.

The Voodoo 2's you could pair together for some awesome performance.

I absolutely agree....a Voodoo1 piggybacked to a GF....WHY? The GF could do everything 88 times better than the Voodoo...unless the guy has some 3Dfx Glide only game that he still loves.

10-17-01, 05:50 PM
back in the day they had either 2D ONLY or 3D ONLY cards

so what you did was buy a 3D only card, the Vooodoo 1 or Voodoo 2 and put it in your pci slot, and attach on the back a vga passthrough cable, when you wanted to play 3D games it would recognize and use the 3D card for the 3D acceleration, either by a mini GL or Glide, then OGL, and eventually D3D, but why you ahve a Voodoo1 in with a GeForce is beyond me UNLESS he is playing some old Glide only games which the GeForce can't play but the Voodoo can