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10-17-01, 01:04 AM
Ahh I just got a new Black case, but my CD-RW drive that I am gonna put in it is white, and my dad doesn't want me to paint it black!.... I have a CD-Rom drive that I painted black that is already in, but the CD-RW is gonna look like white trash! What to do!?!:confused:

10-17-01, 01:21 AM
uh...paint it black? i dont see why your dad is having a deal over that...or you could remove the white face, and cut some clear plexiglass for it, to have a clear face plate for it, that's what I'm gonna work on for my next computer.

or you could leave it white obviously...i dont really know what you could do besides what I said, sorry...:(

10-17-01, 01:28 AM
Perhaps if you used a high quality magic marker? No possiblity of damage then. I can understand how he feels I suppose, however paranoid it might be.

10-17-01, 02:23 AM
ooooooooo oooooooooooooooo i got it.......

The Tape Experiment....

Idea #1 - Take some of that black electrical tape and put it over the white partz of the cdrom drive...use a exacto knife to get it perfect..i did that with a portable cd player of mine it werked pretty good...

Idea #2 - Take some of that like brown scotch tape stuff...( its like the colour of cacki or a minila folder) and put it on the face..then take a black marker and color it..:D

***note*** the cacki coloured tape might leave like resedue on the cd drive...so take some clear tape and throw that down first..then put the "cacki" tape on..good luck man...ill come buy and check it out if you get it goin..

10-17-01, 09:13 AM
hmmm... well thanx for the help guys.... lol @ Zmoney, I don't wanna add like 3 inches to the front of my drive! he he. But I think I will just paint it black.... my dad will never notice....:p

10-17-01, 03:17 PM
BTw when painting it, besure to have some kind make some sort of cutout for the tray rectangular face end to absorb paint, incase any gets in.

10-18-01, 04:58 PM
Just take of the cd writers face plate . Did it with my Cdrom
Worked perfectly well :cool:

10-18-01, 05:18 PM
Yeah, I just took off the face.