View Full Version : How does a BlueOrb glue/stick on a GPU ?!

Thor Walez
10-16-01, 09:14 PM
I wonder if only a self-glue-pad can handle a perhaps 50gr. VGA-Cooler e.g. BlueOrb or the TITAN version...

Has someone experience with that???


10-17-01, 12:14 AM
i just bought one(blue orb) and it comes with thermal tape or you can use the clips they give you and thermal paste which is also supplied.

Thor Walez
10-17-01, 03:24 AM
I ordered this Bundle tonite:

We will see how far I can get with this...


10-17-01, 08:37 AM
How much did the cooler and heat sinks cost you?

Thor Walez
10-17-01, 09:35 AM
Originally posted by CAR-15
How much did the cooler and heat sinks cost you?

rd. DEM 75,- that is ca. US$ 35,- or 38,35 €

-Thor :D :D :D

Thor Walez
10-19-01, 07:36 AM
Hmmm ... I got the TITAN orb and sinks, and with them on my GF² I can´t get as far as I want 240/400 is the limit of my card :( :( :(

--> An advice: Do not buy any blue orb nor ram sinks if you can manage a Core of 230-240 and Ram 400 mhz with a GTS/pro, it is a waste of money!!!