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10-16-01, 08:23 PM
hello to all! this is my problem.i have windows xp and am trying to install my cable modem. its being connected by a usb.all the lights work well on the modem,but when i put in my road runner installation cd it tells me " You do not have a Network Interface Card (NIC) but you **do** have a free IRQ."so how do i fix this problem????or install it to a irq if thats the case?? btw the modem is an external modem using a usb to connect it,its a toshiba pcx1100u... Thank you all a ton for your help!!

10-16-01, 08:32 PM
for the sake of humanity, your time and sufferage, go buy an NIC card at best buy or whatever and plug it in. they're only like 7 or 8 bucks.

10-16-01, 08:33 PM
oops...sorry everybody...


10-16-01, 08:39 PM
when you install the usb modem does it detect a new device?

10-16-01, 09:21 PM
yeah it detects a new device
and also i do have a card but i cant use it because every time i install it i cant boot up my pc. but it puts it under a network adapter instead of a modem..

10-17-01, 12:08 AM
OK, first off, dont install the moronic RR software. just input the proper values (which if your RR connection is DHCP, everything will be default, and all you need is your computer name and workgroup) Enter your comp name and workgroup in the right spot. if you need to know how to do that, post back.

yeah it detects a new device
and also i do have a card but i cant use it because every time i install it i cant boot up my pc. but it puts it under a network adapter instead of a modem..

no crap, a NIC is a Network Interface Card, which is also called a network/ethernet adapter....not a modem, the modem just transmits the data between your computer through the NIC, and back to the internet....:)

Plug the cat-5 cable in the NIC, and the other end the in cable modem. you should be done.

why can't you boot up your PC> what errors do you get, or what happens that makes it not boot up??? hopefully we can get this working for you.

10-17-01, 02:02 PM
dont know but for some reason it just doesnt boot up my pc unless i unplug the pc and plug it back in then keep pressing the power button. as for what u wrote ill try it today...thanks for the help! ill let u know if i get it working

10-17-01, 06:30 PM
drdoug99 sorry i really dont know how to do that.can you show me where to go?? srry when it comes to pc's im a retard....ty in advance

10-18-01, 03:32 PM
How long have you had RR? If you can pull it off, take the modem to your cable provider tell them you're having and get a 3com modem. their drivers are better and the modem works better off usb. The earlier Tosh usb drivers SUKD. They have been updated, I've had better exp.w/ the 3com using usb. (I used to install RR)

10-18-01, 10:39 PM
ill prolly have to try that. i've had my cable 4 only 3 months now ..thanks alot

10-18-01, 11:31 PM
btw, although I have no exp w/wxp, earlier versions see a properly installed usb cable modem as a nic. It'll show up under network adapters in device manager. It won't show up as a modem. If you decide to try to get another modem, just take it in and tell them it doesn't work and that you want a 3com modem instead. If you get one, DON'T use the autorun from the cd. Put the cd in, cancel out of the autorun, plug the modem in, (usb into pc) and let windows find it. Windows will find 2 new devices if every thing is right. Install them both and you should be ok. Of course, using a NIC is just as good. What brand of nic do you have? look for it in the supported hardware list for XP. If your nic isn't on the list that's a good thing, because that'd explain the trouble you're having.

10-18-01, 11:51 PM
ya, Gixxerboy has got good info....did you get this working yet spooky?:confused:

10-19-01, 12:27 AM
no no luck yet...gonna keep working on it tonight tho..as for your question gixxer boy i have a netgear nic card but when installed i cant boot up my pc so i cant use it... Thanks alot guys,im gonna keep working on it tonight.

10-19-01, 11:47 AM
btw, do you happen to have a dial out modem in your machine?
Try pulling it out, installing your nic, reboot. Modems, especially winmodems don't like to share resources. You may not even see a conflict, but the nic still won't load right. Pull the modem, (don't remove it from DeviceManager) put the nic in an available slot, reboot, install the drivers, reboot. the nic may work now. If it works, you may (or may not) want to reinstall the (Phone) modem. If you do, just put it back in. Cood Luck.

10-21-01, 09:55 PM
guys i finally got it working....thanks alot for all your help!

10-22-01, 11:14 AM
So what'd ya have to do to get it to work?!?

10-22-01, 10:19 PM
srry 4 the delay in reply.....i had to install it in both as a network and also install it as a usb device which i didnt know b4.....thanks alot

10-23-01, 11:21 AM
so what'd you have to do to get it up and running?