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10-16-01, 08:36 PM
I'm considering buying this PS cuz my 400watt PS is outputting dirty power. (Got it dirt cheap from HK so i can't complain). I read the specs and wondered WHY is there a 80mm exhaust fan with a 92mm intake fan?!? Wouldn't that create pressure inside the PS and leak some of the hot air out of the PS?? Unless of course, the 92mm intake runs @ a lower rpm and pushes the same CFM as the 80mm exhaust.....

I'm sure lots of you have this PS, whatz up with the fan config??

10-16-01, 09:02 PM
I would HIGHLY doubt that the fans are capable of really changing the air pressure, although I'm curious why that is too.

10-16-01, 09:39 PM
I don't see a problem with the air flow...

;) :p

10-16-01, 09:44 PM
it's an awesome PSU

I got the 431 watt enermax myself, but i want the 550 hehe

10-16-01, 10:07 PM
is a nice size and wattage. It's great if you looking for a more evenly out putting powersource. I went with the 370W Topower PSU because it was a bit cheaper and seemed to work just as well. I had the assurances of the place, so I went with it.

10-16-01, 10:12 PM
Love Enermax.

Now for fan physics...it won't create pressure inside. The diams may be different, but you don't know the blade count/size, and pitch of the blades...and rpms...and how many cfm....and if all the above were like you said, the end result is the rear exhaust fan just wouldn't have to work as hard because the intake fan was already doing most of the work.

10-16-01, 11:00 PM
Brent, the 430watt version has the same Fan config as the 350watt, do both fans push the same CFM? If not then it makes no sense

10-16-01, 11:10 PM
Idk but im ordering the 550 watt soon

10-16-01, 11:11 PM
i have the 450w enermax ps and theres the normal fan on the back, on the inside theres a fan facing the cpu and it intakes and i believe the back fan disperses the air

10-17-01, 10:50 AM
i have the 430w enermax, it has the 80mm and 92mm setup.

its setup to suck air from instead the case onto the heatsink in the psu and then with the 80mm suck air out.

i dunno, ive always thought they were kind of weak. as i stated in onetrueday's casemod thread that i believe they really are ineffective as exhaust or intake for a case. they work fine just for the psu though.

10-17-01, 03:44 PM
Ya they don't push much air cuz they're designed to be silent, which is exactly what i want, but what I need to know is if the 92mm fan pushes more air than the 80mm exhaust. If it does, then the 80mm exhaust won't be pushing out enough air to match the amount of air the 92mm intake is pushing in, which will cause the extra air to leak into the case.

10-17-01, 03:48 PM
I understand your theory...but extra air will not leak into the case. Those fans are not in super tight efficient holes like a Pratt & Whitney turbine and venturi tube...they are slower running quiet fans with quite larger diam holes than the OD of the blades.

You will always have air exhausted.. You're losing sleep over something you shouldn't be.

10-17-01, 09:56 PM
No matter how small the amount is, if the 92mm fan pushes more air than the 80mm, that excess will spill into the case

10-17-01, 10:01 PM
When I get home tonight I will look at the documentation that came with my PSU (if i still have it, i might have thrown it away) and see if i can find out the cfm's of the fans, if not i'll search the web for the answer.....

also keep in mind these are THERMALLY controlled fans, they can operate at different speeds depending on how HOT the psu is etc... so they change speed automatically, at first use they are slower, as the system heats up they get faster, this way it keeps noise down to a minimum.....

they have the FM function, Fan Speed Monitoring, so the fans can operate at different speeds....

10-17-01, 10:05 PM
Ya I realize that, just that having I hate the idea of having an intake fan pushing more CFMs than the exhaust...

It sayz on enermax's website that the fans are controlled by the mobo and are "adjustable", how does that work?

10-17-01, 10:08 PM
i just looked all over enermax's site and looked at their .pdf manul for the psu, no where does it mention the CFM, i would assume they know what they are doing and have it seutp to work best, prolly nothing to worry about ;)

these psu's of today are a lot smarter then they use to be, being controlled automatically the fan speed and all....