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10-16-01, 06:58 PM
Hi! I dont have my radeon64ddr oc'ed at all and i'm running a:

abit kt7a
duron 800@900
512megs cas2 cruc ram
radeon64ddr new official drivers

I'm just curious if between 40-55 fps is decent, if all the settings are maxed out at 1024? I had been getting between 30-35, but after a little tweaking I never seem to go below 40 now. The game looks great, just curious where I stand?

In case you missed the subject, this is in undying; which has already scared me witless a couple of times in the first two hours!

10-16-01, 07:09 PM
Not to answer your question, but I envy you so much.

You'll feel sad once you finish that game, because it will never be as frightening as the first time through.

I remember parts where I would just stand in one spot and point my gun around in the dark, waiting for the sounds of footsteps and screaming to close in on me and attack.

Never have I played a more frightening game. Hell, the Tibetin War Cannon alone scared me in some areas.

Where exactly are you at by the way?

10-16-01, 08:01 PM
Umm... i just used the explosives and went into the basement of the monostary.

I agree... I've had trouble keeping from shouting in a couple of spots. The only time I've had to use the walkthrough so far is I missed the idea of walking through the mirror to get your first spell. Oh, and I've used a health cheat too; although thinking back I really didnt need it.