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10-16-01, 11:09 AM

Radeon 8500 dominates in theoretical benchmarks measuring fill rate and such, but gets completely stomped in real world game benches such as UT and Giants.


10-16-01, 01:38 PM
No replies?

10-16-01, 01:43 PM

///hugs his collection of nVidia products///

LOL some more...

I've said this many times on various forums...while ATI may have finally gotten some good cards starting with the Radeon series (sorry, nobody can stand up with a serious face and state that the Rage series was a good gaming card), they get some good numbers on paper, and some decent numbers on benchmarks when they are finally released, but they stagnate from then on...while nVidia rolls out some new drivers that give a 20% increase on the same hardware and takes the lead again.

10-16-01, 01:57 PM
Worse comes to worse, I'll just take the $200 Dell part and sell it for $265 shipped.

I'm sure I wont have a problem selling a brand new retail 8500 at that price, but I soooo want this card to be good and work. :(

10-16-01, 02:48 PM
What did you expect? I'm not surprised @ all, ATi spend all their resources developing hardware but spend NOTHING on drivers

10-16-01, 02:54 PM
Putting this into terms of perspective, if you ordered a ATI Radeon 8500DV, keep it, the driver support will get better. ATI has gotten smart and decided to gobble up small software corps who will hopefully replace their current retarded driver staff.

Reasons why to keep the 8500DV, it has DV support, capture functions for all your pron videos and what not. And not only that, it's a fricken kick ass gaming card. The hardware is better then that of the Geforce 3 Ti on paper and like I said up above, the driver support will get better. ( Also, apparently ATI smartened up and decided to sell their chipset out to Third party companies, i.e Asus, so we can expect some driver support from them!)

BTW from my view of things, none of the Geforce 3 Ti had any vivo or capture functions, only the regular G3 did.

But a note for all your 64mb DDR Radeon owners, if you have a card like mine or similar, don't go out and buy the 8500 or G3 Ti, it won't make that big of a difference and unless you have cash to burn and need to hold that 8500 in yours hands, you can live without it.

just my own opinion.

BTW Macho, it's a big improvement over your ATI 32mb VE and have some improvement over your G2 PRO.

10-16-01, 02:59 PM
BTW Macho, it's a big improvement over your ATI 32mb VE and have some improvement over your G2 PRO.

LOL. I have neither of those cards, but I wish. :)

I have a Geforce 1 64 DDR and our second household box has a 1st gen MX card by Hercules.

So I am expecting to be knocked out of my computer chair from the image quality.

10-16-01, 04:21 PM
///in response to Terrance///

I'll def give ATI the vivo nod...as any video editing rigs I've built for clients, I've used the Radeon vivo. I don't deal with videos at all, so have jack squat for personal input there. DVD...use a big screen TV and couch for that.

Hope ATI learned from their past mistakes of not updating drivers, nVidia has used that tool to simply dominate the market. If ATI gets a clue and starts this...can be nothing but good for all of us...as we know competition leads to good products and lower prices.

10-16-01, 04:49 PM
3DFX FOR Everrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!

Oups i am out dated :D

I love my voodoo3 3k ,oh yea i love it :)
Actualy i found another one second hand and i buy it on the spot ,for my second system ..

10-16-01, 05:24 PM
Ya Tom is bias, but not enough to get ppl on his a$$, so the scores you see are probably very close to what the actual scores are.

As for drivers, i still have no confidence in ATi, but i hope i'm wrong.

10-16-01, 05:40 PM
I don't think he'll be stupid enough to post completely false scores or else he'll lose his "reputation" and companies will stop sending him bribes....

10-16-01, 06:18 PM
and you trust tom's hardware?

10-16-01, 06:18 PM
Tom lost his crediblity a long time ago.

He just happens to be well known so people still pay attention to him.

Anand has been sitting on a retail card for a few days now, according to the grapevine. I wonder when he'll pull his hands out from under his buttocks and start getting us something.

(he's probably waiting for them to get drivers that show the card in a better light)

10-16-01, 06:22 PM

real sad!

good thing i know how to wait.

10-16-01, 06:25 PM
Originally posted by colour

real sad!

good thing i know how to wait.

Kinda hard to wait when you have a chance to get the card for a little under $220 after tax, w/ free shipping.