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10-15-01, 11:50 PM
hey, i've been wanting to oc for a while now.... mods, if this is in the wrong forum, please move to the appropriate one. thank you.

any web sites with tips and how to work it? i have a 500mhz AMD, so any probs with that one? does it go to 1.5 times what you originally have?

10-15-01, 11:54 PM
There's a forum for this called Computer Hardware and Overclocking.


Some links in the links section that might direct you to the right place.

10-15-01, 11:56 PM
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10-16-01, 12:06 AM
I dont mean to be a grinch, but dont bother overclocking an amdk6/2 500. You might reach 550, but even then you could have problems.

10-16-01, 12:08 AM
check out www.overclockers.com it is probably the best site for overclocking tips, tricks, and general information, make sure to check out their forums as well, the link is at the top left of their website. hope this helps :)

10-16-01, 12:14 AM
Welcome to the ocing and hardware forum.
If you want to oc your AMD k6-2 500mhz processor, good luck. Not only does it get incrediably hot, it doesn't oc very well either. You might get about 50mhz if you lucky and 100mhz if you a god with some liquid cooling ( closer to the nitrogen type.) I've heard of people reaching 800mhz with liquid nitro cooling, but with the cost of all of that, why not invest in a new mobo and 1.2 or 1.4ghz t-bird?

10-16-01, 12:49 AM
basically what they said..

I had a K6-2 300 at one time..
I got it to 333 only, and that was it..

I have not yet tried to O/C my K6-2 500..but no use

at work I recently attempted to O/C a K6-2 500 to 550 and It would not run windows, protection error everytime..

10-16-01, 04:05 AM
why does an AMD k6 only oc that much?

do you have to have an athlon to oc?