View Full Version : logitech wireless opt. mouse resets?

10-15-01, 05:18 AM
Strange title, but I suppose it fits. I have a wireless keyboard and opt. mouse combo from logitech, the black set. I'm only use base drivers and they normally work perfect for me. Since the mouse is only a three button, I have no inclanation to install the logitech w2k drivers on my machine. Nor will I willingly install the keyboard drivers.

The problem I'm having is that the mouse resets itself. What I mean is that suddenly, at wierd times; the mouse will move up and to the corner. This happens both in windows and during gameplay; such as max payne and undying. I havent died as a result, but i've heard of this problem before. Yet, I cant remember the fix!

Can anyone help a desperate fellow computer winko?

10-15-01, 08:53 AM
Install the win2k mouse drivers

10-15-01, 12:47 PM
I have no mouseware... mine is running on the standard USB HID driver. No problems here...