View Full Version : P3 733 coppermine temps?

10-15-01, 05:11 AM
I have a friend running a p3 733 coppermine on a new asus board(tlsa 2?). I'm not sure on that model number, but anywho. He's curious how hot the processor should get and when he should get concerned. He has it slightly overclocked at 770 with the memory running at 140. He often reaches temps in the mid 50C, and he maxed out at about 63C. How hot can these processors get before it causes a problem?


10-15-01, 05:22 AM
Hmm those temps seem very high. When I had my 750 running at 840 I never touched anything about like 43C I think. What cooling does he have he's running very close to the red zone.

10-15-01, 07:06 AM
80 if I remember right is the limit. Shocked me when I read that, seems damn high. I'd freak if mine hit 60.

My giger may have hit 50 once on a hot August day when my AC was dead in the house and I Quake III'd for the entire day. Right now it's at 34 while surfing, and usually in the low 40's when gaming. Golden Orb cooling.

I'd yank the heat sink, clean the paste...re-apply it properly, and re-seat it properly. Remember, get the sink on the CPU on the first approach...don't pull it back and go in for another approach without cleaning and applying new paste...because once the sinks paste makes contact with the CPU...if you pull it back....you get those peaks and valleys which introduce air pockets to the paste...making it not unlike all those nooks and crannies on a Thomas's English Muffin...and really cutting into its performance.