View Full Version : Tick, tick, tick (name that sound....)

10-13-01, 11:58 PM
It's my Mitsubishi 87TXM, accompanied by a nice burning smell. It WAS the best monitor I ever had. I'm off to buy another one....

Wish me luck with my next one... at least this one comes with a warranty :)

<usless post, just venting>

Have a nice day!

10-14-01, 12:02 AM
good luck!

10-14-01, 12:02 AM
oh haha
I was gonna say I THINK it is Intels clock ticking...
:rotfl: :rotfl:

10-14-01, 12:16 AM
How old was it? *gasps*

*realizes he has a Mitsu montior*

My monitors life just flashed before my eyes. :(

10-14-01, 02:09 PM
Macho: It was a used one, probably about 6 years old, I couldn't (and still can't) afford to buy one of these new. My new one will be used, too, but at least this one comes with a warranty.