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10-04-01, 08:52 AM
OK, I can program my VCR -- but that is about it! I have looked at the VB6 learing addition as a place to start. The price is not too unreasonable -- under $100 -- so that makes it a viable choice. I hope. Is it worth getting this slimmed down version? Am I wasting my time?

What I want to create with this is a program that will allow me to make adjustments in the registry without having to make and edit .reg files. This would be much the same as the "TweakUI" interface, but on a MUCH smaller scale. I am only talking about a few registry entries.

Is this possible with VB6 is general -- and VB6 Learning Edition in particular? THANK YOU for the help.

10-06-01, 11:26 PM
I'm pretty sure that you would be able to do that. I used to make some programs using vb6. I was always able to do everything that I wanted to do... the only thing that I couldn't ever do that I wanted/tried for a long time to do was using winsock. But to do what you're talking about you wouldn't need that. I'de say go for it, OR go to google.com and do a little searching (if you know what i mean).


10-07-01, 12:15 AM
I think the only problem I might have is "compiling". As best I can tell, VB6-LE does not come with a compiler.

Is it possible to download a free VB6 "compiler" off the Internet? Or maybe I could buy one real cheap? I am just starting to learn this, so excuse my total ignorance. Thanks.

10-07-01, 02:07 AM
I've never used the Learning edition, but from what I've heard:

It's intended as a learning tool, with a lot of tutorials and a book in the package, a good starting point.

It should have a basic compiler, just not any of the fancy controls or compiling options, like what type of machine to optimize the code for, etc.

Still don't take my word for it, as I mentioned I've never used it.

10-07-01, 10:32 AM
Thank you , Philip. In the box is a card to "upgrade" to the professional edition and one of the benefits is to have a "compiler". But I am not sure that is true...

Also, when I installed the program, I immediately registerred on-line and got the SP5 update. For all I know, this update may have included the compiler as well. (It was a 54 MB update!).

It is a moot point right now anyway -- I have a lot of "Learning" to do first. I'll worry about compiling when the time comes!