View Full Version : 12x burners for sale

09-07-01, 04:16 PM

A friend has a bunch of 16x10x40. they're BRAND new.. never been used. he has some yamaha ones for 80 bucks and some teac's for 70 bucks. there is no box and no manual, dont know why. comes with software and i believe cables... tell me if you want more info..

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09-08-01, 09:32 AM
Are the Yamaha ones SCSI or EIDE ?

09-09-01, 10:24 PM
Hmm I can pick up a BRAND spankin new 16x10x40 pn www.pricewatch.com for 72 bucks or about what your friend is selling them for. And I get all the manuals, cables, software, and maybe even a game for the same price. Now I might be interested if the price comes down. Since there not retail but.... Open Box I guess you could say I could go for one if it was a little less.

09-11-01, 12:48 AM
Well heres the latest update... they are EIDE 16x/10x/40x burners. 70 for the teacs. 80 for the yamahas. no box, no manual, no warranty. if it breaks within the first 14 days he said he would probably be able to get you a new one.

Im not gonna get one.. 1 because i dont have the money.. 2 because there is no warranty.

If you are still interested for some god-awful reason.. post here or PM me