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LanEvo IV
09-06-01, 03:28 PM
whats the best program to use for designing web pages?

right now im using Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 because i dont really know html coding.... and its easy for me coz i can do it visually...

if there is a better and easier way, plz let me know.. doing just plane HTMl is boring.. need some DHTML and other stuff... haha...:D

and about graphics program... im using Adobe Photoshop 6.01... heard its pretty good so using... is there another good one.. i know PainShop Pro is good...:cool:


09-07-01, 07:37 AM
your on the right track about Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop. Now all you have to do is learn some languages.


In that link the members of Sg (2 thumbs up for them) list a bunch of sites that are wonderful for learning HTML, and other languages.

09-09-01, 09:31 AM
Originally posted by Banzaiiboi
Now all you have to do is learn some languages.

why bother learning any language, if youre using editors.

if you take the time to learn the more complex languages, you should breeze through HTML in no time.

as for DHTML, www.dynamicdrive.com is an excellent site with tons of scripts readily available.