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08-28-01, 12:04 PM
I need EDO ram! i was wondering does anybody have some edo ram lieingg around and doesn't need it? if so can i have it?

08-28-01, 03:46 PM
What size (mb) and 72 pin simm or 168 pin dimm? -matt

08-28-01, 05:56 PM
72 pin simm!:p

08-28-01, 08:03 PM
16mb $9
32mb $20
Dealt with them before service was fine

16mb $6
32mb $14
Never dealt with them and no resellratings.com entry.

I can't touch those prices, sorry. -matt

09-25-01, 06:12 AM
I have 4 - 16 MB sticks of "PNY Memory Master" 72-pin, 60ns, EDO RAM that I removed from my 4-year old HP 8160 and replaced with 4 - 32 MB sticks about a year ago. I'm not willing to give it away for free though. If you decide you want it, just send me a message.


09-25-01, 07:12 PM
OH Kool! My pc is a Hp8160! kool! i never got any upgrades for it exept office 2000 profesional, win98se, new sound card, linksys nic, and replaced harddrive( broke)! its still the same size as it came with 6.03GB! :( I have a friend who said they would give me 32mb free!

EDIT: did i mention the pc i have is still this hp8160!!!!

09-26-01, 06:46 AM
My HP 8160 is the very first home computer that I ever owned. I was completely computer-illiterate and I had to learn everything from scratch.

If I had waited another month(September 1997), I could have bought a HP 8180 for the same price($2,300.00) with a 266 MHz Pentium II processor and which did away with the 64 MB cache limit.

Since buying my HP 8160, I have added the following:

96 MB of RAM
(to go with the original 32 MB of RAM)

ATI XPERT 128 video card with 16 MB of memory
(to replace the on-board ATI Rage II+ video chip with 2 MB of memory)

Creative Labs Soundblaster Live Xgamer sound card
(to replace the Analog Devices AD1816 sound card that finally died)

Linksys LNE100TX Etherfast 10/100 LAN card
(to change over from 56K modem to cable modem)

Logitech First Wheelmouse
(to replace the 2-button mouse)

My computer runs fine most of the time, so my wife is battling with me over my desire to buy a new computer(I'm chopping at the bit at getting a HP 9900 series model).

If you're still using the original 32 MB of RAM that came with this "dinosaur" of ours, increasing it to 64 MB will make a big difference in performance. You won't see any real difference if you increase it to 96 - 128 MB, because of the 64 MB cache limit of the Intel 430TX chipset, but the extra RAM is good to have when needed to run multiple apps.

09-26-01, 03:36 PM
Dinosaur is the correct work for it!!! Im hoping this person will give me the ram!! And maybe for christmas i might get a new pc!! I can only run a couple of apps at a time ur my pc is sssssoooooo slow!!!