View Full Version : How Do I Hook Up My Stereo System Speakers to My TV??

08-13-01, 05:30 PM
K, I wanna hook up my stereo system speakers to my Television, cuz my tv speakers are crappy....

Here are my specs:

Television: Hitachi 27" and

DVD Player: JVC

Stereo System
CD Player: 5 Disc Sony
Receiver: Luxman
Tape Player: Sony
Speakers: Bose "401 Series" (2 Speakers)

ya, its nothing great, but I wanna hook up my Bose Speakers to my television....and I know its fairly simple....so how Do I do it? (I'm not good with this kinda stuff....)

Replies Appreciated :)

08-13-01, 05:45 PM
Not sure bout TV but i hooked up my stereo to my computer with one cable.

My stereo has cd/tape/tuner/video1/video2. So i got a cable and hooked it up to video1 on my stereo then to my soundcard.

08-13-01, 05:46 PM
Someone Please Reply.......I really want to learn how to do this....or please @ least post some links that will teach me how...

08-13-01, 05:48 PM
Ya need a patch cord like the one that goes from CD player to amp. That's assuming you have stereo out on the back of your TV. DO you?? Then ya hook it in the back of your amp in auxillary or TV in, if available.

08-13-01, 05:54 PM
Most newer TV's have audio output jacks, your VCR might also. Simply put a patch cord between the Audio output jacks to the Auxillary input Jacks on your stereo. Be sure to keep tv volume low and adjust the sound with the stereo volume

08-13-01, 06:20 PM
u need RCA cable, audio L and R asuming u have RCA output on your tv and stereo. Very simple.

08-13-01, 06:24 PM
rca patch cords from the reciever to the tv. make sure that your tv is capable of doing this. usually the reciever has video or audio that u can switch to. its that easy.:nod:

08-13-01, 06:24 PM
Plug a cord into TV audio out, and conncect the other end of the cord into the Stereo In. Easy as that.

08-13-01, 06:36 PM
K, I just checked...

I got Audio Output on my Hitachi TV :)

and I got Audio Input jacks in the back of my Receiver for "two sets of speakers"....and I already have my Bose Set hooked up, meaning I got space to hook up my TV to the Receiver? :confused:

Also, if I do get this RCA Patch Cord, I can still play and listen to my CDs being played on my 5 Disc Sony, right?

08-13-01, 06:40 PM
Yes you can have your CD player hooked up as well, it's the same cord as the one you use for your CD to reciever. Test it right now if ya like. Your not hooking the speakers directly through your TV, but rather from the TV to the reciever and out through your beautiful Bose :).

08-13-01, 07:46 PM
well, I went to Future Shop (Canada's Version of Best Buy) and they said a 12ft cord would cost $50 + tax.....

hmmm, seems a little steep..

08-13-01, 08:00 PM
Thats probably a pretty fancy cord. You can get buy with regular patch cords. Plain ol' RCA jacks on both ends. Only look for one that's around 12 feet. You really need one that long?