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08-13-01, 05:25 PM
What I want to do is open up an exe and view the code of it. i need to know the name of a field for a script I am writing at work. How would I do this if? IF i try to open it up with notepad I see a bunch of garble like encryption perhaps. regardless is there a way to do this?

thanks for the help guys- :)


08-15-01, 03:35 PM
you need a decompiler. I don't really have any links to downloading them (and i didn't know what language you were talking about), but you can probably do a search at some random search engine and find a bunch.


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08-15-01, 03:40 PM
you could use ms-dos?

08-16-01, 03:54 PM
i think dos show encrypted characters

08-17-01, 09:02 AM
Get a Hex Editor or a Disassambler and search in that. I hope you know how to read/search hex or assembly :)