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07-31-01, 02:16 AM
Hey guys, and girls, I'm in a bit of a bind right now, I'm looking for a job and money is tight, so hopefully I can sell my Amplifier and Subwoofer to one of you to hold things together.

Anyways, if your into car audio, or even if your not, this would be a good time to start, my prices will be very cheap, as I bought these products for a discount to begin with, so I'll pass the savings onto you.

I do have a PayPal account, if you would like to work out payment that way, or check, or money order would be fine too.
Feel free to email me for questions too, as it would be better for both of us I think, since I don't check this forum very much, but since I have a product to sell, I guess I would stop in more frequently.:)
Anyways, on to my products.

Item 1 is a JBL BP 600.1 Powervalve Amplifier. Back when I bought it, about a year ago, we sold them at Circuit City where I used to work at for $499.99. Using my discount, I was able to purchase the amplifier for $248.99. The amplifier is a monoblock amplifier, capable of 300 watts at 4 ohms, and a robust 600 watts at 2 ohms. It ran my Infinity Perfect 12 inch sub nice with the 300 watts, which I am also selling.

Here is the complete specs, from JBL's Website (http://www.jbl.com/car/product.asp?prod=BP600.1&ser=POS&cat=AMP)


The Infinity Perfect Subwoofer is very nice as well. Recommened RMS wattage is 350, but over on www.sounddomain.com people have given it 600 watts or more, with no problems. This is a sub that is clean, loud, efficient. Very good for the deep bass of rap, or the varied styles of heavy metal, classical, or techno. I had mine in a pre-made Q-Logic box, .88 cu. ft of airspace, it sounded great. If you have the tools and skill to make a box, Infinity recommends 1.0 cu. ft of airspace, sealed. I used sealed as well, for generally tighter bass response.

Again, I bought this when I was working at Circuit City, Retail at the time was $349.99. www.crutchfield.com still sells the woofer for $299.99. I was able to buy the woofer for $140.

Here is the complete specs of the Infinity Perfect, from Infinity's Website

I've looked around at 4 of the top car audio websites.


If you have any other websites to check out, or with lower prices, let me know.

Crutchfield has the higest prices, being at or near full retail pricing.
The others are all discounted heavily, the cheapest being TheZeb, at $190 for the Infinity Subwoofer, and $310 for the JBL amplifier.

I'm willing to sell the Amplifier for the purchase price that I bought them for. The JBL amp for $250 cash, and the Infinity subwoofer for $140.

Website pricing: $500 dollars + the shipping price of roughly $15 for the woofer, and $12 for the amp, bringing the total to $527 dollars.

My pricing: $390 for both products, or purchase seperatly for $140 and $250. I will pay shipping charges. Most likely USPS, Priority Mail.

Both products are in full working order the day I stopped using them, and have been sitting in my room the last 4 months or so collecting dust. Both look brand new, no scratches, or dents, and should perform well for you, for however long you wish to use them. The only downside of ordering with me is that you buy AS IS, NO WARRENTY FROM ME. But you do have the manufacters warrenty I believe, as I have all paperwork and manuals from Each Product. I have the origonal box from Infinity as wel, but the JBL box was not kept.

If you do in fact get a product that does not work, then you can either return it to me, or keep if it would like, you could send it to the manufacter, as their warrenty would still be in effect.

Thanks for your time.:)

If you act within the next 30 minutes, I'll throw in my Stinger 4 guage wiring kit for the Amplifer for only $40 dollars! That's right, $40 dollars! You'd expect to pay $60, $70, or EVEN $80 DOLLARS for a wiring kit like this, but if you reply now, you'll get the Stinger 4 guage wiring kit, with all the items seen here! (http://www.sounddomain.com/sku/STISK4D)

Now, my kit isn't in the neat package wrapped up nice like that, but it does include everything you see, plus I'll throw in like extra speaker wire, and extra crimps and stuff. I did pay $80 dollars like last year when I got the kit. I notice SoundDomain has them for only $60, which is an excellent deal.

So the grand total for ALL 3 PRODUCTS would be $430.

08-01-01, 01:49 AM
I almost forgot, I have a pair of Rockford Fosgate speakers, they are 4x6's, last year models, BRAND NEW IN BOX. I'll sell those for $30 bucks.


here is a link, these are the 2001 model, I have the 2000 year.
Same power handling and everything.
never used, never abused, new in box.