View Full Version : MS Office 2000 Premium

07-31-01, 01:09 AM
I tried to sell this at a local used software store, but they didn't want to give me what it is worth. I have all 4 CD's and they are in perfect condition. While I haven't made thousands of posts here, I do list my buisness website url which I hope makes me a reliable source to trust.

I accept Pay Pal, which I use for buisness, so make me an offer!


08-04-01, 04:50 PM
hmmm whats in the premium pack?

08-05-01, 12:30 AM
Well, I have it on Ebay right now. If it doesn't sell for my reserve, if you are still interested, here's a link with the breakdown of what comes with it.


The auction ends on Monday. If you're interested, post again after that or e-mail me and we can discuss it.