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07-24-01, 07:00 PM
I am trying to teach myself Visual C++. I went out and purchased Visual C++ 6.0 as well as a few training books.

As instructed in the first few lessons, I created a text editor. I created an exe file. Everything seems to work great on my machine.

I would like to be able to install this text editor on my windows 98 test machine. When I do this and try to execute the new program, I get a bunch of missing dll's file errors.

Is there an easy way to find out what dll files are needed to run this program on any other machine?

Also my Visual C++ pack came with InstallShield for Microsoft Visual C++ 6. Are there any good tutorials on the web for this?

If I can figure out how to use InstallShield for Microsoft Visual C++ 6, would this be the easiest way to get all the files needed to another machine?

Thanks in Advance.

07-24-01, 10:09 PM
You liar you downloaded it!


Id say turn off hidden files and look in the directory you compiled to and see if you cant fin dthose missing DLLs

07-25-01, 10:51 AM
There are two "easy" ways to do it. First, run the app in debug mode, and look at the trace output in Visual Studio. That will tell you what DLLs are being loaded. The other way would be to run the app in 98, see what DLL is missing, copy it over, run app again, copy DLL over, etc. until all DLLs are in.

Install shield is nice, but can be a pain in the ass to learn to use. Once you know how, it is an easy way to re-distribute your apps.

Oh, another quick and dirty trick is to link the MFC dlls as static. This increase the size of your .exe by a few megs, but it won't require any DLLs. Not the recommended approach, but it works.

07-25-01, 05:05 PM
Thanks for the tips guys.

Grimoire, have you come across any good tutorials for Installshield?

PING, I really did purchase it. Its a business investment.