View Full Version : Back, with another problem.

07-19-01, 08:20 PM
Again involving Apache httpd Server for Windows on Windows 2000. I've decided to stop using IIS if I can get Apache to work with MySQL. I installed Apache (Obviously),PHP, and MySQL. When I open up a page to test PHP and MySQL at the same time, they both work. The test page is suppose to say 'PHP and Mysql work' and it DOES say that. I tested PHP alone and that works fine and then I tried vBB that I set up on IIS and worked fine on IIS and it won't load up on Apache. I'm wondering if there's more conifguration needed to the Apache config file in order to get MySQL to work because that obviously isn't being read by Apache. Also, MySQL was running and I made sure it was running when I tested. Only reason I decided to switch from IIS to Apache is because whenever I play Counter-Strike, my webpage won't come up and I have to restart to get it back up and running. Yes, I know that it's dumb to have a webserver on the same computer I use for everyday things such as playing games but this site isn't going to get alot of visitors and is basically just for educational purposes so when I do build my next comp, I can use that as a small server. Any help at all is appreciated.