View Full Version : SQL syntax in VB

07-19-01, 06:41 PM
Where is a good site to learn the syntax of sql in VB 6 to manage an access 2000 database? i'm finding bits and pieces here and there but nothing dedicated specifically to sql in vb. PLEASE HELP!!

08-13-01, 10:23 AM
Learn the simple SQL, it works everywhere. There might be some difference in SQL for Access but its very little. Check help documentation for Access2K as the samples over there are the best source. Also try to make a view or query in Access and specify some parameters like say Date = 10/01/2001 and then look at the SQL in SQL view; the differences will be evident.

Last but not the least: I take it that you know VB and how to use ADO in VB. Get a book that teaches Access programming with VBA and remember VBA = VB. Just substitute ADO code for DAO code and you are all there.

- Jalil