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07-09-01, 03:03 PM
I'm fairly new to computers and am interested in programming, or at least I want to know if it's for me. I've tried looking for Qbasic in DOS but I can't find it on my system. Alot of people tell me not to learn Qbasic because it's obsolete and instead learn Java or something else. Is Java free software and if it is where can I get it. And some kind of free lesson web page would be nice too. Something that would explain Java or any other kind of programming from scratch would be fantastic. I just want to know if programming is something I would like to get into.....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thank You!!!! PS: If anyone suggests that I start off with learning Qbasic, can you please let me know where I can download it from...Thanks!!!!

07-10-01, 12:36 PM
see your thread in the general forum