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07-03-01, 10:03 PM
I would like to make some automatic scripts that I can either hyperlink to or just include in my sig for ping and tracert commands.

When I help someone in the forums, I would like to make it easier for them by telling then to go to my sig and click on the command which will automatically launch a ping or tracert command. I'm using WinME. Any help or suggestions would be great! Thank you!:D

07-04-01, 12:27 PM
In order for a script like that to run on another's system it would have to either bypass their security settings or open a webpage with a script embedded in it.

It would not work on all users systems based on their individual security settings, I know it wouldn't work on my system if I click a java script link in your sig!

You could also make an ActiveX control that couls bedownloaded that would launch an application, but you would still have the same security issues to face in others' systems.

There's NO WAY I would click a link that would run an exe on my system!

You can however, link to webpages that have scripts that will run tracerts and pings from the page by the user entering the domain in a form and then submitting the form to the server that is running a ping/tracert program, usually via cgi-bin or php. But the ping and tracert exe's reside on the servers themselves.



07-04-01, 02:41 PM
Thanx a million TonyT. I was blinded by my will to help that I forgot completely about the security side of the house. But at least I can link to that great page. :D

07-13-01, 02:04 AM
Excellent page TonyT!

I've never seen that one before.