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07-03-01, 01:27 PM
is there a way to start linux in safe mode? My computer at work is set to start linux in Xwindows and duh Xwindows is not set up. lol

hence it just hangs at start up with errors

so is there a way to boot linux in "safe mode" or to reset the linux type from a 5 to a 3 so that i can get into my linux


07-03-01, 10:53 PM
Linux uses runlevels to manage processes. Basically, each runlevel can start or stop certain daemons and each runlevel can be configure for certain tasks. (like system administration, X Windows, halt, reboot, etc..)

By default, runlevels 0 is reserved for halt, and runlevel 6 is reserved for reboot. The runlevels in between can vary from distribution from distribution. The file /etc/inittab lists your runlevel scheme.

The single user mode (often called maintenance mode) can be access at boot time by passing the "single" option to the kernel as a boot option.

Sinlge user mode is typically used for system administration and things like data recovery :D No other users but root can log in when in single user mode. The really neat thing about it is that you can still run multiple applications at the same time.

If your using LILO as a boot loader, simply press shift or tab to display your boot options, then type "linux sinlge" and press enter. If your using GRUB, edit your default boot option and append single to it them boot from it.