View Full Version : those updating news stuff

06-19-01, 01:04 PM
u know when do some scripting and what not... u know...

I have no idea how to do it.. but those perl php or asp.. stuff.. where u can update yer news site without going in and doing it manually...

help anyone? pleaseee....

06-19-01, 03:21 PM
this site seems to be down now, but speedguide uses NewsPro (http://amphibian.gagames.com/newspro/) . I've used it once, its a nice system. And in case the newspro site goes down for good (I have no idea its been a while since I've been there), Philip has all the scripts and stuff and since its a public thing I'm sure he wouldn't mind sending them to you

06-19-01, 03:22 PM
ohh yea and thats done through CGI