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06-15-01, 09:39 PM
Hey- You know those Visual Basic Questions I had? I figured them out and now my Visual Basic program can go on-line!

What you can do:
1.) Chat
2.) Random Dice Roller (bug is known, trying to fix)
3.) Make fully functional Character Sheets
4.) Keep notes
5.) Read a FEW things in the Menu

What you will soon be able to do:
1.) Read the REST of the menu
2.) Have Background Music
3.) Have a Background Picture

If you want to look at it, it's here: http://www.zeddweb.com/dm/Index.htm

Thank you!

To connect, use this IP address:

06-25-01, 11:00 PM
err i'd help but can i be sure that no servers, viruses or trojan horses are attached to the file? lolz.