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06-03-01, 03:53 PM
What would be involved in creating a scripting laguage. What language would be best to create the new laguage and how would I go about doing so?

06-11-01, 03:36 PM

06-11-01, 08:47 PM
Thanks. I've been looking for a good project to takle this summer. Being a recent high school grad and not being able to find work in the tech feild right now...I need something that can distract me

06-12-01, 12:07 AM
Well, if you need something to do for the summer, in the way of programming, why don't you join an open source project. There are plenty of projects that could use some help, either coding, writing documentation, QAing releases, etc. You can find projects needing help at SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net/people/).

06-12-01, 12:30 AM
I know. But those are established...I just want to see if I have the ability to do it. I have tried to join SourceForge groups, but most of them never get passed the planning stages.