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05-25-01, 01:40 PM
I just recently started with programming in C++. I was wondering what are teh best proggys out there for compiling and whatnot...what all programs do you PRogrammers out there use? And where can i download them at. I appriciate you taking the time to help a newbie! thanks a million

05-25-01, 01:57 PM
There is a ton of resources for "us"

I like http://www.planetSourceCode.com alot for quick refrence to code, and for new features that could save me time.

As far as tools go, these may help: C++ Tools (http://www.codework.com/cpptools.html)

Dont forget there is a plethora of C++ forums (including one on SG)

What kind of stuff are you coding?

05-25-01, 02:04 PM
Actually IM not coding anything yet....just starting to learn allt he basics....but like everything else it takes time and energy..i just wanted to get ahead and learn it at home too....and my computer doesn't have VISUAL STUDIO or anything like that....soo...i was wondering!

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05-25-01, 05:48 PM
Buy C++ for dummies....:D
that what i got to start it comes with C++ gui.:)

Hey dont look at me like that these dummies books are cool.:p

05-27-01, 01:41 PM
For Win32 I use MS Visual C++, and for PalmOS, Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Palm.