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04-07-01, 11:05 PM
i want to know how tom make a autorunfile that will load up my website on IE From CD on any computer

04-08-01, 12:27 AM
The file called Autorun.inf in the cd's root directory usiually contains:


(or another file to run)

Maybe if you replace the exe with the url, it'd work.

04-08-01, 09:28 AM
Or you could simply put your site folder on a cd and run it. That way anyone could view it without having to get online.

04-12-01, 05:10 PM
This is what you need and i ven more :)


04-12-01, 10:29 PM
The autorun.inf can ONLY open program files such as .exe, .bat., .com, .dll etc. The target program file must be in the root directory of the CD or on the hard drive. Windows has such a program already installed called start.exe and is on all versions of windows that I know of.

Here's the easiest way to do it:

Paste this in a notepad file and save as autorun.inf:

OPEN="start foldername\index.html"

Burn the autorun.inf onto the CD in the root directory. That's all there is too it. The default web browser will open the html file.

(edit the foldername and the name of the .html file as needed)

You can also add more to this file such as a custom icon that gets shown in My Computer for the CD drive. More info here:


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04-16-01, 04:47 PM
there is a program called "AUTORUN MENU STUDIO" you can download it at the warez places. it's a awesome program. you see all the autorun from games, programs, windows.. CD made? this program can do it all. have fun hunting for it.

Sorry, I know this forum is restricted WAREZ discussion but i'll give you a hint here. the website call something like FOSSI