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05-08-01, 06:50 PM
I never try linux i want to try it on my old pentium 133. which linux is the best for newbies? i will be able to go on internet whit my dsl connection under linux???

05-08-01, 06:56 PM
You can certainly connect with Linux to your DSL line, however you might have to spend some time figuring out how everything works and such...

I'd recommend the Red Hat 7 distribution. You can certainly run linux, however their X-Windows probably won't work well with a 133 MHz box.

05-09-01, 12:37 PM
If your new to Linux go with Mandrake. Redhat isn't so clear to use for Newbies.

05-11-01, 06:16 PM
RedHat and Mandrake are too bloated for a Pentium-133. Ask yourself, could you run Windows 2000 on that machine?

Try Progeny Linux, its based on Debian, very stable and easy to use.
www.progeny.com (http://www.progeny.com)

05-14-01, 04:07 PM
I run 2000 on a 120 pent with 64 meg ram, use it as an MP3 server, runs great, never a hitch

05-19-01, 08:13 PM
But how long does it take to minimize an application?

Microsoft and Intel collaborate with eachother so that every new Microsoft OS is designed to work on Intel's latest chips. They use a lot of access overhead to make every session you spend on an old machine slow and buggy.

On the other hand, Debian is designed to work on 386 machines with 4MB's or RAM.

Try running Win2k on that!!!


05-25-01, 01:36 AM
might as well go all out now and get slackware 7.1