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04-05-01, 06:21 PM
Planet Source Code (http://www.planetsourcecode.com)

I've been going here for awhile, and learning that alot of people code diffrently. This is an awesome source for learning C++, Completing quick projects, or even to learn how to hack code, to make it work the way you want, whether it be Business or home use. Great Code!

Here is a Super-Simple MP3 playlist (beginners)
just copy and past the code into VB
Hit F5 to preview

' Name: Playlist
' Description:Playlist using Mp3Play and
' a Listbox
' By: Chris Lee
'This code is copyrighted and has' limited warranties.Please see http://w
' ww.Planet-Source-Code.com/xq/ASP/txtCode
' Id.21883/lngWId.1/qx/vb/scripts/ShowCode
' .htm'for details.'**************************************

you need a listbox (list1) and the Mp3Play component inserted(Mp3Play1)

For X = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1
List1.ListIndex = List1.ListCount - 1
Mp3Play1.FileName = List1.Text
List1.RemoveItem List1.ListIndex 'optional

If List1.ListCount = 0 Then
End If
Next X
'it plays the playlist backwards ;\

04-10-01, 06:50 AM
good site...thanks for posting.