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04-15-01, 01:02 AM
First, let me say that I'm not a programmer, and this comment will probably show my ignorance on the subject, but I'm amazed at something we've all more than likely have come across in our dealings with Windows 9x, and that is the Space Cadet pinball game. How in the world is the program able to accurately reflect how a pinball would react to so many different forces, and do it so quickly? The game appears to be flawless in it's ability to simulate what would actually happen in a real-life pinball game.

I was just playing it and the thought occurred to me. This may not even be worth a reply, but I was just wondering. :)


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04-16-01, 06:05 PM
Thanks for the reply...sorry I'm so late with my gratitude. :)

Yeah, I know enough to understand what's happening (I sure hope so, I'm studying for my MCP for WinNT, LOL!), I guess I just underestimated the CPU's ability to keep up. I'm running a lowly 200Mhz MMX with 600x800 res, and the program is smooth as silk. When I see a CPU's power expressed in mips, it makes me wonder how many of those are actually used in a second with that program. Obviously less than what my 200Mhz is rated, heh.

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