View Full Version : Timestamps???

03-16-01, 12:11 PM
how do u change the setting Tcp13230pts to 3?


03-16-01, 12:20 PM
Who's speed patch do you have installed :)

03-16-01, 12:35 PM
the sguide_tweak_98_pppoe patch and PH_Webtweak9x

03-16-01, 12:41 PM
Do this: Please go to this http://www.dslreports.com/front/drtcp.htmlRL
Download DR. TCP to your desktop
Where it saids adapter settings, select your adapter
Where it says Windows sclaing- yes
Where it says Selective Acks-yes
Path MTU Discovery - yes
Black Hole Detection - No
TTL-64 or 32 (up to you) No affect on speed.

Where it says Time Stamping, yes
click apply
Reboot for changes to take affect

Do not change any numbers in this box unless you know what you are doing.
A blank box only means that the default setting is being used :)

03-16-01, 12:43 PM
Select yes where it says time stamping it will set it to 3, click apply, reboot :)

03-16-01, 12:47 PM
Your RWIN number is to large which will get you packet loss at night, test here at night www.dslreports/tools (http://www.dslreports/tools) Tweak tester, turn off any firewalls :)

03-16-01, 01:15 PM
That is if your RWIN is set to 511104, see it will make you faster in day, but you have to consider packet loss and pings, lowering that number is the only way, and no not just any number :)