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03-15-01, 01:20 PM
I am using Belssouth Fast Access ADSL 1.5mb/s 256kb/s. I have done all of the tweaks that i know of (rcwin,mss,mtu...) I downloaded a demo from happypuppy.com

Downloaded: 42.3 MB in 5min. 23 sec.
Transfer Rate: 144KB/sec

Is that the best Im gonna be able to get?

03-15-01, 01:28 PM
Kris, did you by chance get to download a copy of NetStat Live from www.analogx.com? (http://www.analogx.com?) Your speeds look pretty good for DSL. If you have NetStat Live, run it at the same time you do your download from happy puppy and, it will give you the most acurate results, as far as speed down and up, since it is measured right at your computer and not out on the web. ;)

03-15-01, 01:30 PM
160KB/sec would be optimal but how far away from the CO are you again...
Maybe post the test again to make sure it hasn't changed not that it should have...

Also did you get a chance to read through this post esp. near the end I meant to have this up days ago but there was allot to go through with this... http://forums.speedguide.net/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=14&t=000138

03-15-01, 01:39 PM
Yes, I have NetStat Live. I used it during that download and it average a little over 1.5mb/s. My connection speed is only 1.472mb/s so i thought it might not be accurate. Upper 190 KB/s. So which one do i believe? As far as the distance from the CO i dont know. In a straight line probably a mile +/- a little. Im not sure what the actuall line distance is though.

03-15-01, 01:51 PM
Ok on the netstat program durring the D/L was the line nice and straight with an ocational drop or was it real choppy if its choppy you may be able to raise the Rwin a touch if it drops off you know you went to far with it..
The distance...
Well above 12k feet will possibly drop you down a touch in speed.. You could always save this for the time your forced to call the ISP for a problem mention it as a by the way type of thing

03-15-01, 02:04 PM
The line was mostly straight with the occasional dip or rise, no drastic changes though. Im not that far away, i guess ill just be happy with what ive got. It sure is better than the 56k :)

03-15-01, 02:29 PM
I didn't think the speed looked all that bad myself. I tried the half life download and with my cable connection, was getting 236KB. The only other thing-traffic congestion! Don't know if you happened to do a tracert to happypuppy before your test or not, but I'll bet there is a slow down somewhere. If you can, try again early morning between 3am and 5am. :)

03-16-01, 07:34 AM
At www.dslreports.com (http://www.dslreports.com) they said my distance from the CO was 6388 feet. Is that good? Am i capped at 1.5/256? I was reading about g.lite being 1.5/256 also and think i read somewhere that fastaccess is g.lite? Do any of you know. Also g.lite is supposed to be splitterless i think and i have a splitter on my line between the modem and the phone line. What exactly does the splitter do?

03-16-01, 07:35 AM
Oops, sorry. I dont have a splitter, its the line swapper. Sorry.

03-16-01, 08:34 AM
6388 feet is real good not a problem there..
As far as G-lite don't know it but thats about the average cap for DSL
One thing to do if your ambition gets to you and you need something to do..
Get some real good Phone line not the flat stuff more like Cat 3 or Cat 5 and wire the phone line direct to the Modem/bridge from the phone box..
The other thing to do, and this has been mentioned before on the boards just not in this particular Forum is to make sure your Modem/bridge is away from all devices that can give out a frequency this includes your monitor...
I had one in a office that gained 200kbps when I moved the modem away from the monitor..
900Mhz phones can have a factor too if the phone and its machine are in the same room they have been known to disconnect the Internet..
So if you have one of thoughs the fix is to keep it on the opisite side of the home the phone should be kept away from the modem at least 4 feet..
All this stuff is from experience they have gotten better at building the modem/bridges...
To answer your next question no it really isn't a modem its a bridge to the Internet similar to a Router...