View Full Version : While I've got your attention...

03-14-01, 04:57 PM
The computer I'm using:

OS - Windows2K
CPU - Pentium III, x86 648mhz
RAM - 192
NIC - Xircom Cardbus Ethernet II 10/100
Hard Drive - 11Gigs

I use my computer at work...and everytime I log into my work server, it seems like my tweaking is changed, and the same when I log in at home. Anyway around this? I know that my cable modem at home is something like 1600kbps (according to Broadband wizard) and 600kbps at work...

03-14-01, 05:07 PM
Each computer on a network has to have same tweaks applied, Broadband wizard, a overnight rip off, wish you would have come here first :)