View Full Version : Cablenut 4.0

03-14-01, 01:17 AM
after reading tons of posts regarding the beauty of this program, i decided to try it for myself. after installing, i loaded the custom 9x(normal) .css file and rebooted. before making the change, i downloaded icq from the icq server and gotten avg. 300kb/s downloading but after making the registry change from this program, i downloaded the same thing at 520kb/s. still testing it out, but i may be a believer!

03-14-01, 01:20 AM
Hey glad it worked for you

03-14-01, 01:29 AM
yea, it's great. i'm running winme too despite hearing that it didn't work with this OS. well, anyways, does anyone know any patch that'll improve upload speeds cause mine bites. i mean it hurts to know that your max upload is 6kb/s. i notice that my download speeds go really slow(like 10kb/s) while uploading. is something wrong or just a low cap?

03-14-01, 06:33 AM
There is nothing that can be done about upload speeds, but the fix for ME is posted on Cablenuts site www.cablenut.com (http://www.cablenut.com) version 4.02 which goes in same folder as 4.0 :)