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03-03-01, 04:33 AM
Cablenut u really have done a good job but i guess that for winme is a bit of a pain,,,cause when u change settings in registry "windows 98" it will take for ever to defrag your h/d.........................
Apparently there is a problem our beta testers never discovered (oddly enough). I would like all users who have WinME to just hang tight, as the program is writing the incorrect information to the registry. There is a simple workaround for this, however. You can follow these directions if you want, it is your choice. It will fake the program into thinking that you are running win98, which is does write the information correctly for (strings).
Using regedit....
Go to the following registry entry:
Look for a string value named:
Modify this value to this setting:
"Microsoft Windows 98"


03-03-01, 07:05 AM
What do you have running in the task bar when your Defragin..
Programs like real player can interfere...

03-03-01, 01:50 PM
Go to www.cablenut.com (http://www.cablenut.com) and download patah 4.01 to repair this :eek: