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03-13-01, 05:21 PM
i dunno much bout tweaking, im using cablenut 4.02 right now with the slow pppoe dsl .ccs

speedguide seems like it dosnt seem these are the right settings?
SpeedGuide.net TCP/IP Analyzer
TCP properties for IP = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Note: Read the FAQ if the above is not your IP address.

TCP options string = 0204055001010402

MTU = 1400
MTU is not fully optimized for broadband. Consider increasing your MTU to 1500 for better throughput.

MSS = 1360
Maximum useful data in each packet = 1360, which is equal to MSS.
MSS is not fully optimized for broadband (although it might work well for slower connections). Consider increasing your MTU value.

Default Receive Window (RWIN) = 30198
RWIN Scaling (RFC1323) = 0 bits
Unscaled Receive Window = 30198
For optimum performance, consider changing RWIN to a multiple of MSS.
Other values for RWIN that might work well with your current MTU/MSS:
522240 (MSS x 48 * scale factor of 8)
261120 (MSS x 48 * scale factor of 4)
130560 (MSS x 48 * scale factor of 2)
65280 (MSS x 48)

bandwidth * delay product:
Your RcvWindow limits you to: 1207.92 kbps (150.99 KBytes/s) @ 200ms
Your RcvWindow limits you to: 483.168 kbps (60.396 KBytes/s) @ 500ms

MTU Discovery (RFC1191) = ON

Time to live left = 50 hops
TTL value is ok.

Timestamps (RFC1323) = OFF

Selective Acknowledgements (RFC2018) = ON

IP type of service field (RFC1349)= 00000000

thanks for your time

03-13-01, 05:27 PM
Ok first off how is your speed with it..?
next you can't run a 1500 MTU with PPPoE it just won't work you'll end up with all sorts of packet loss...
what is your subscribed speed..?
We might make an adjustment...
Or change to a different .ccs file

03-13-01, 05:35 PM
ok i have DSL from dsl.ca
it is a 1.2mbit/384kbit package
and i got a alcatel speed touch home modem.

cel 400a
128mb ram
and running windows 2000
anythin else?
thanks for helpin btw

03-13-01, 06:54 PM
crap its sinking...ill add a bump before i go out
thanks in advance!

03-13-01, 07:02 PM
Go to the fast setting the slow is for connections down around 512kbps thats k-bits

03-13-01, 08:33 PM
i see...
now with win2k should i adjust the MTU onmy own or leave it?

03-14-01, 11:09 PM
im ashamed to do this, i really am
cmon wheres the usual speedguide helpers

03-15-01, 01:12 AM
read here http://forums.speedguide.net/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=14&t=000109

03-15-01, 01:59 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Martiangod:
read here http://forums.speedguide.net/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=14&t=000109[/QUOT E]

Yeah more toward the bottem of the page.. :)

Martiangod :)

This would have worked tooo

Middle of the page on this one :)

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03-15-01, 02:43 PM
k ill check those out thanks a lot

03-15-01, 03:18 PM
Why are you using version 4.02 when it clearly states that is a fix for people using WIN 95 or ME. You should be on version 4.0 :)

03-15-01, 03:36 PM
ehh so sorry. it dsont matter though does it

03-15-01, 04:02 PM
I don't know but you can ask Cablenut or Dannjr here on this board :)

03-15-01, 05:47 PM
Nope doesn't matter

03-15-01, 07:14 PM
ok i checked out those links they didnt help much cause i wasnt sure what was supposed to be switched to what?

03-15-01, 08:01 PM
Here a little more om MaxFrameSize http://forums.speedguide.net/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=14&t=000138
Keep it to 1492 or just a touch lower
Probably should have pointed that out

03-15-01, 08:04 PM

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03-17-01, 12:28 AM
thanks man.
also what are the best DUN settings and network card settings?

03-17-01, 02:59 PM
DUN needs a much lower MTU and you'll have to find that.. Its 576
The thing is you should be ok since your using win2k its pretty much setup for DUN if you had win9x thats a different story and you would have to change theMTU between the two connections...

Keep it simple get the broad-band right first.
You did post in the right thread before :)

Mr White
03-22-01, 05:20 PM
Dannjr i just read all this and i had the same problem kinda but using win98. What Dun settings should i have for my card,using PPPoE?

03-25-01, 11:27 PM
yes mr. white has the same question i am wondering. i didnt mean dun for 56k i meant dun for pppoe