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02-28-01, 09:20 PM
I recently moved to a new machine with Win2k. I have tried the win2k speed tweak and it doen't increase my speed at all. When I was on win98 I could get speeds over 1400 with the tweaks from speedguide and now I cannot get higher than 1100. I have used other tweaks, manually changed the registry, etc. I tried everything I can think of but still cannot change my speed at all. Without any tweaks or changes I can get the 1100 speed. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am on a DSL line. I have tried Navas' suggestions and have tried both a GlobalMaxTcpwindow setting and leaving it as Tcpwindow size and it still doesn't change my speed a bit. No matter what I change it seems to not make a difference at all! Help.

02-28-01, 11:55 PM
welcome to speedguide
You said you have tryed other tweaks what other tweaks have you tryed..?
Plus what Rwin are you using when you do it manually...
who is your provider how do you connect is it pppoe or static...?
whats the subscribed speed 1.5Mb what are you getting now...

03-01-01, 08:08 PM
I have used the tweak on the Navas site which only uses the TcpWindowSize instead of adding the GlobalMax setting. I have used the suggestions from Speedguide when tweaking the registry (The win2k tweak you can download, as well as following the manual settings they have on the win2k tweak page. I pinged my server and then used the calculation on this website to figure out what number to use). I also tried adding a MTU of 1500 into each of my interface settings which also did not show a change. I have taken out all of the registry tweaks and I still receive the same speed. On DslReports I receive about 1100kps/110kps but on other sites such as MSN Speed test I only receive about 400kps/55kps. I have tested it many times daily over the last week with the same results. I am using the same external modem and DSL line as I was with my old system which was running Win98 where I could receive about 1400kps ratings from all speed sites. The only hardware that changed was when I bought my new system it came with a new network card which I am using to connect to the external modem. My line should be capable of 1.5mps. I connect with dynamic IP and I am through NVBell.net. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. Any thoughts?

03-01-01, 08:25 PM
Well try going over to www.cablenut.com (http://www.cablenut.com) as they have good speed patchs there in fact the guy you just talked at Dannjr is part of the team there :)