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02-27-01, 08:04 PM
Please post ALL posts dealing with Broadband/Internet or Computer tweaks here.

This applys to all the internet registry speed patches and anything involving tweaking of that nature.

Please post in the correct forums

Have fun :)

02-27-01, 08:05 PM
Oh one more thing, Any posts we find that are started with the topic of dealing with Tweaks we will Move here and we will choose to delete the post from the thread it was formerly in, so a direct move of the thread into here so we don't clog up the other forum topics with lots of closed threads.

02-27-01, 08:28 PM
Sweet Forum Guys, it's gonna rock :cool:

02-27-01, 10:21 PM
so what is the general cable dsl forum for now? lol

02-27-01, 10:37 PM
Originally posted by YARDofSTUF:
so what is the general cable dsl forum for now? lol

this was mainly made to balance the load on all the Registry Patches/Tweak questions the cable/xdsl forum was getting

this way all those kinda posts are in one place, and the cable/xdsl forum can be about anything else related to high speed internet etc....

03-01-01, 08:47 PM
Cool... I like it Mr Brent :D

03-01-01, 09:23 PM
as I promise Mr. Brent :D

03-03-01, 02:46 AM
Kool topic. Good work