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03-12-01, 05:48 PM
on the speedguide's test, it said for me to set my MTU to 1500 for better throughput because its not fully optimized for broadband. my MTU right now is 1454. how would u do this in the regestry? like where would u go and do it?

and how do u back up ur regestry?

Im using WinME

03-12-01, 05:58 PM
First bring up REGEDIT, type REGEDIT in your run box and hit OK.
Under Registry at the top of the box, click on that, now click on Export Registry File, a box will come up asking where you want to export it to, just put it in your C drive, then name it at the bottem of box, Registry. Click on ALL at the bottom so it copies all of your registry.
Click on save.
Now if you ever get in trouble or want the old regestry back, bring REGEDIT back up and click on Registry and click on import registry file, go to your C drive and click on registry and click open, reboot and your good to go.
Anytime you add a new program, backup again, any program, back it up to the same place as the last one, it will overwrite it. If you do not backup after each new program is instaled you will not have those setting's in regestry if you have to backup for some reason.

Do nothing else in this box as it is the heart of your computer, just what it says above and no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please go to this http://www.dslreports.com/front/drtcp.htmlRL
Download DR. TCP to your desktop
Where it saids adapter settings, select your adapter
Where it says Windows sclaing- yes
Where it says Selective Acks-yes
Path MTU Discovery - yes
Black Hole Detection - No
TTL-64 or 32 (up to you)

Where it says Time Stamping, select No or yes, up to you
The choices I give above will not affect speed
Reboot for changes to take affect

Do not change any numbers in this box unless you know what you are doing.
A blank box only means that the default setting is being used

Set MTU with Dr. TCP, reboot after any changes and click on apply on Dr. TCP

03-12-01, 06:54 PM
k there are alot of dr.tcp's to download. which one do i pick? or do i use the latest one(which is DRTCP019.exe)?
and thz for taking the time to write to me :)

03-12-01, 06:58 PM
The lastest one, newest one download to desktop :)

03-12-01, 08:48 PM
Got your msg, on Dr TCP it says MAX MTU, enter 1500, select your adapter, then click on apply, reboot, keep playing with it till apply lites up, then click it, reboot :)

03-12-01, 09:03 PM
Lobo, there is one catch...

MTU of 1454 is usually PPPoE -- either NTS EnterNet or iVasion WinPoET. Both of these cannot be changed using Dr.TCP.

What type of PPPoE client are you using?? There is a specific method for changing each of these.

03-12-01, 09:09 PM
i'm using TCP/IP -> network telesystems P.P.P.o.E Adapter (NTSP3)

03-12-01, 11:20 PM
That is EnterNet.

Unlike most other arrangements, with NTS EnterNet you can not use Dr.TCP to tweak the MTU. NTS has decided to limit the MTU (or as they erroneously call it, the 'MaxFrameSize') to a maximum of 1454. Here's what you should do to give you the broadest range for your "possible" MTU.

1. First you have to tweak the registry. Remember NTS has limited the MTU to 1454 while the PPPoE Maximum is 1492. Although this small increase will do you no good if you don't actually have an MTU greater or equal to 1454, it still widens your MTU's upper bound.
Open regedit and drill down to here:


Find the specific 000n folder (where "n" is a number) that contains the Network Telesystems PPPoE Adapter (NTSP3) adapter. Then drill down further to:


Find this entry: max = "1454".

Double click on max and change this value to 1492. Now reboot

2. Ok, now that you have increased the upper limit for your MTU, it's time to actually increase your MTU. Go to:

Control Panel
Network Telesystems Enternet PPPoE Adapter (NTSP3)
Click on the Advanced tab
Find "MaxFrameSize" and change it to 1492.
Now reboot.

To be sure that you put the settings in the correct places, go here and down-load some pictures of the registry:

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03-13-01, 01:00 AM
i really thank u for taking the time to write to me
thz man
(i'll try this tomorrow because now its exactly 2am and i don't really feel like doing this)
and again thank u so much

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