View Full Version : 512kb ADSL Can it be tweaked???

01-30-01, 07:03 PM
I have a 512kb ADSL connection. I get maximum download speeds of 60kbps and 30kbps upload.
My question is, are there any ways of making my download speed higher than 60kbps.
My server type is PPP, whatever that is.

Just need to know if ADSL is at all tweakable beacuse I don't know much about it.


01-30-01, 07:23 PM
Adsl can be tweak but the caps cannot be exceeded and you are hitting your caps, in other words you are maxed out. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif

01-31-01, 06:10 AM
512 is measured in bits. Is that 60 down in bits or bytes? If it's bytes then your doing fine! If it's from a speed test that measures bits you should beable to get alot more.