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03-20-01, 05:52 PM
i'm having 2 problems.....first.....i need to tweak my modem....or at least the uploads....downloads seem to be fine...i've reached over 200k/sec on downloads....however, ups seem to be too slow for a cable connection.....i've never upped faster than 20k/sec....second.....my connection seems to be kinda unstable....if i disconnect from an ftp while it's transferring something, then my connection will disconnect and reconnect for a second (u can tell 'cause i get disconnected from irc, aim, and all that stuff).....how do i fix this? here are my system specs:

p3 550
288mb ram
40gb hd
running Win 98 SE

connection is shared in the house with a hub...since @home will only activate the net on one cable jack at a time....dunno why(i'm paying for a second ip)

for the network card, i'm using one of those USB EZ Connect ethernet converters rather than an ethernet card.....thx in advance

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03-20-01, 05:58 PM
Hey Kruze sorry to hear about your connection probs. Frist of all you're not supposed to mention "uncapping" in any part or from on speedguide. It's illegal. You want to increase your upload? Sorry that is capped at the head office and you cant do n e thing about it. Just call and complain. When you loose conection document it, and then call for a truck roll to test your line and what not for errors. Hope that help. Peace :cool:

03-21-01, 10:43 AM
I used to have a usb ethernet card I went to a regular ethernet card and it increased my speed and solved other problems I was having :)