View Full Version : icq with sguide_tweak_98_ME not working

03-19-01, 01:16 PM
I installed sguide_tweak_98_ME. After that icq wouldnt work, not the program nor www.icq.com. (http://www.icq.com.) My first thought was to get the sguide_default_9x.zip(restore to default patch) and install it so i did. No difference whatsoever... What now? i fiddled around with the options in icq for a while and I even reinstalled it but it still wont work. Please help me with this irritating problem, regards // Nihilim

03-19-01, 01:23 PM
ICQ is down, but I who reinstall the patch you took out, it has no bearing on ICQ anyway, but they are down :)

03-19-01, 01:39 PM
You also need to back up registry, heres how
This is a must unless you the future in want to format because you did not do it, please do this. First bring up REGEDIT, type REGEDIT in your run box and hit OK.
Under Registry at the top of the box, click on that, now click on Export Registry File, a box will come up asking where you want to export it to, just put it in your C drive, then name it at the bottem of box, Registry plus date. Click on ALL at the bottom so it copies all of your registry.
Click on save.
Now if you ever get in trouble or want the old regestry back, bring REGEDIT back up and click on Registry and click on import registry file, go to your C drive and click on registry and click open, reboot and your good to go.
Anytime you add a new program, backup again, any program, back it up to the same place as the last one, it will overwrite it. If you do not backup after each new program is instaled you will not have those setting's in regestry if you have to backup for some reason.
Do this 2 times, one to save as default, the other to update as neccessary

Do nothing else in this box as it is the heart of your computer, just what it says above and no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to main page this site, select patches on left side of page,
go down until you see Web Patch - faster loading of Web Pages
Select the one for your OS, and download.
To install, click on what you just downloaded-unzip to program files, go there and click on it, click yes and reboot, your done.

How do do speed test
1. The best time is early in the morning (3 AM - 6 AM)
2. Make sure defrag has been run so no files are fragmented
3. Delete Temp internet files, not while testing, but after each test. IE browser, click tools, internet options, click on delete files and no this will not harm system, just get rid of temp files
4. Go to a fast server such as www.happypuppy.com (http://www.happypuppy.com) and click on 10 demos, select a LARGE file to download (not all of it of download, just most of it, before you click cancel) this will show you how fast you are downloading, it's not going to be quick except except early in morning when not many people on net. I recommend you go to www.analogX.com (http://www.analogX.com) and download Net State live, run this while downloading as it will give you avg of your download speed.
5. Probably the most important, nothing can be running during test, no firewalls, no virus stuff, no ICQ, no AIM (some of you may have to go into BIOS to disable virus scanner, nothing running except Net Stat live
Scheduled tasks will run disk defrag, 98 & SE in Taskbar, WIN ME in control panel
The people who want speed surfing or doing whatever must close all other programs.

Or if you wish you may go to www.testmyspeed.com (http://www.testmyspeed.com) and do one of the online tests, these vary to much for me but you may like them. Another one is at www.dslreports.com/tools (http://www.dslreports.com/tools)