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03-19-01, 12:46 AM
why does my d/l rate start at 200-300 then steadily drops to a 50-100 kb/s? then it just stays there. also napster, i only get in the 30-40s. why? i got tweaks an ****. look at my connection. if anyone can help id appreciate it thanx.

03-19-01, 01:28 AM
When you have a large RWIN value, it is capable of caching while you choose where you want to save the file... By the time you click [START] Windows has already downloaded part of the file... That's why you get the perception of faster uploads at the beginning.

Any patches you apply only optimize your connection, if your ISP gives you a crappy feed there is not much you can do on your end.

03-19-01, 09:14 PM
hey i aint neva thought of that...perfectly said :)

anyone else got ideas tho :)

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03-20-01, 05:06 AM
I told you before try downloading from a fast server like www.happypuppy.com (http://www.happypuppy.com) or www.AOL.com (http://www.AOL.com)
do you have a download cap (call cable company if you don't know) are you using proxy server, ask cable company this also :)

03-20-01, 04:23 PM
What Philip said is true. If you knew this why ask! Try different settings in your Rwin. See if that helps. Plus not all web sites download at the same speed. Which you proubly already know. Try NETStatLive from www.analogx.com (http://www.analogx.com) Then download a large file and check your speeds threw it. It will give you a better Ideal of what your speeds are capped at. GoodLuck! ;)